Saturday, November 10, 2007

braided rug

Technically I missed blogging on Saturday... but, really, until I go to bed it is STILL SATURDAY!

I just spent the last hour looking around this web site This unknown woman has made a huge braided rug, about 14 X 17 FEET! Another rug goes down her hallway and is only about 3.5 X 8.5 feet but she changed the color every single round in all three strands. I even liked her yo-yo's, and I've never been crazy about yo-yo quilts, but the ones were the circles are sewn to other circles in 6 places instead of 4 look great. Then she tats. I guess I need to get busy. I've been collecting wool but haven't started my rug yet. I knew I wanted a big one and had never seen a BIG one. I am still intimidated by the idea. The picture is of a rug that my Mother made for our daughter for her wedding last year.
(I know the heads are cut off, but you really don't want to see this picture; they actually look scary! I posted it originally with the whole picture, but on second thought decided that my daughter, and her husband, probably wouldn't let me visit their first born, even bearing gifts, if I left it there.)
So what am I grateful for? That there are so many talented people in the world and there's a way to get to learn about them other than going to the bookstore and hunting up books... but wait most people don't ever write a book and they still have something to offer. Blogging can do that.

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sunshine said...

that is a nice little family heirloom there. Just so you know I plan on making a rug making tutorial in January or February on braided rugs.

take care