Saturday, October 6, 2007


We have a fairly new tradition for during conference. It's actually a trick that all mom's know, and Mary Poppins does too. Feed the group then they are more apt to enjoy conference or at least stay in the same room with it. so I buy and prepare more snacks than normal. Today we had popcorn, potato skins, jalapeno and other pepper bites (cheese, no bacon), my cool whip/blackberry mixture, bagel chips, cherry tomatoes and then after the priesthood session root beer floats. Besides all the fruit that is around 24/7. So what do I fix for tomorrow? I think we'll have chicken nachos with tuna dip and carrot sticks.
I should be able to say something about conference but Andrew is anxious for the computer and I kept him working whenever we had an hour on his room. So he needs his recreation now. I'm determined to start a new incentive program for their room so we had to get it clean to start.

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