Monday, October 8, 2007


Aren't these cute! Unfortunately...actually not, these have been at the local quilt shop for years as models for the pattern i made. I decided that I had so many quilts that I could use an old picture each time I blog, at least until I finish something new. I love the fringe on the pink pillow. Since I hadn't found anything ready made that I liked for this pillow I created my own using a nubby pink yarn. I keep thinking I should make a dozen hearts and sew them into a quilt...maybe the star instead?
Have any of you ever admired someone who could whistle? Whistle a tune? I have. But I have never considered the mother in the background having, I mean getting to listen to the child whistling 24/7! I live in a house with 2 boys that HAVE to be making noise with their mouths at all times. When does this stage get over with?

My local quilt shop closed, so if you are interested in the pattern e-mail me at

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