Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween pajamas

In my previous life (as a young mother instead of an old mother) I LOVED making costumes for my 4 young children. But because money was tight I justified spending money on

those costumes by making them do double duty as pajamas all winter. Some of those pajamas got a real work out. The first time I made 2 little clown costumes out of red and white striped and polka dotted flannel. Those pajamas are practically worn out. The cutest was the white quilted fabric I made an astronaut's overalls out of. Brian wore them until his torso got too long, then his younger sister wore them, then a young cousin wore them... (the pumpkin was never pajamas-the fabric was a gift, and not all costumes ended up being p.j.'s).
Now as an old mother my last 2 have the advantage of a couple boxes of costumes but have the disadvantage of having a mother who really doesn't want to make any more costumes. Occasionally I break down; this year I made some brown 'boots' for Andrew so he could be Link with the green sweats he purchased. A couple years age he wanted to be a spider and I made that costume (as a costume, not pajamas-I DID NOT want to kiss a spider good-night every night for months!) This year Jeffrey (12) will be the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera wearing his band uniform tuxedo pants, shirt, cummerbund, and the cape I made in 1989 for his brother to be a magician.


Jane said...

Great idea! We were just talking at lunch about how expensive Halloween has become. THis way, teaches the kids to have fun and to be practical.

Martie said...

I do this too. One year my boys were all dog catchers and my baby girl was a puppy. Another year the kiddos were cops and robbers. And all the costumes were PJs when we were done.

Great minds! =)