Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I've planned on posting a picture of my Halloween quilt and it's getting close to the end of the time when posting Halloween pictures is appropriate. I actually would not have normally made a 'Halloween' quilt. I love my pumpkin quilt but we could call that a fall quilt. I think we have to be careful and not make Halloween an important holiday, it isn't, it is just fun. The quilt was actually a store sample to sell my Christmas pattern for other holidays. I didn't buy any fabric for the quilt top. The post cards were being sold at our quilt shop and they wanted a sample of them made into a quilt. I no longer sell that pattern there since they can no longer get the postcards. So I get to hang the quilt in my home, even though I'd like to do some more quilting on it. I don't put it up until about 1 week before Oct. 31. (Because I LOVE seeing my pumpkin quilt more too). I've just looked around and took photos of my other Halloweeny spots.

This is a bag I made out of my 6 year old's drawing (that was 23 years ago!). These are just some fun bobble-head papermache things I found after Halloween a couple of years ago. FUN.

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Liz said...

More like really scary bobble-heads.. but hey it's halloween right?