Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I did it! I found a pattern for a knitted felted mitten for a child last week in Knit It! Felt It! by Bobbie Matela. Then this morning I finished one of the mittens. I'll post before and after felting pictures when I get the other one done. I'd love to go felt this right now but I may need to refer to it to make the next one. The thing is big! It is actually a bit too big for me and it is supposed to fit a 3 year old? We'll see the magic of felting soon.
We played stump the mom again. 'Why do your ears make wax?'
and random bits of information; 'Most of the United States Presidents have been left handed. President Bush is right handed.' This is not true. We have had 43 presidents 7 of them were left handed. (Although the current President Bush is right handed.)
I played 'good Mom' yesterday and took lunch to Andrew (10). He has been buying his lunch since he started school, for many reasons. One is that I thought it would be good to expose them to other food. They RARELY (Dad doesn't cook and grandparents and other relatives live FAR away) have anything except Mom's cooking. Another is that I was just too lazy, and really the food was okay. NOT! The cheese pizza was very bad...okay it actually had real cheese on it and it wasn't greasy, it wasn't really bad so much as boring and didn't taste very good... where was the garlic?, the herbs? So Andrew made a loaf of whole wheat bread last night (in the bread machine and only 1 cup of wheat flour but they can't stand to eat store bought) and I helped him make a lunch this morning. I can put the 'good mom' hat on again! He'll actually eat the lunch that we fixed; (still boring food but he likes it) peanut butter and honey on whole wheat, chips, an apple-a pink lady, his favorite. So if I put in a homemade cupcake tomorrow do I get to put a good mom hat on top of my other good mom hat? So how many good mom hats should I balance?
Does that remind you of a silly children's book? What's the name of it? Caps for Sale? I don't think that is the one I'm thinking of ... could there be another? Hetty's 100 Hats yes there are. Now here is a list of many hat books, but I couldn't pick out the one I'm thinking of from their list, but I found many that I remembered and some that I'd like to read.

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