Monday, October 15, 2007

fading quilt

A couple months ago I visited my Texas Flag Quilt at the local Quilt Shop and was shocked at the fading in some of the blue and red logs. It was only exposed to florescent light, no sunlight. Today I went and 'borrowed' it back so I could clean it and paint some of the color back in. Here is a picture of it after washing. Then after the painting. Well, that didn't work very well. I can't tell a difference in the photos, unless I enlarge them. In real life the 'after' (which is the first photo) looks better. I blocked off each log I wanted to paint with masking tape and with a very dry brush stippled some of the appropriate color on. Analyzing the faded prints I thought would show me that the cheaper cottons faded and the quilt shop ones didn't. More of the cheap ones faded but some of the quilt shop ones also faded. This red is the worst of the reds and it is a quilt shop fabric. :(

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