Sunday, October 14, 2007

dinasaur quilt!

This is a quilt A (then 8) and I worked on for about a week. Then I just took over (with his approval) and pieced it. I got it quilted within a reasonable amount of time after my sister sent me a drawing of the leaf that 'little foot' found in the movie; 'The Land Before Time'. By the time I got the binding cut I'd misplaced the quilt. So I put the binding away (?) and figured the quilt would show up. Later I found the quilt but couldn't find the binding (actually since I wasn't in a hurry I didn't LOOK very hard). Finally I found both at the same time and sewed the bonding on.
I'm including 2 photos so you get a good idea of the size in comparison
to a body. I haven't washed it or labeled it I guess it isn't really finished..hah! it is Labeled.. I get tired of forgetting everything. But it is labeled poorly, just written on a label and not embroidered.

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