Monday, October 15, 2007

silk velvet pillow

Have you ever had a project in mind and you needed to think about it for awhile? This pillow is one of mine. In high school (that's, oh, about 30 years ago) my home ec teacher had a big box of fabric samples. I got a few of them, actually quite of few, but my favorites were the upholstery samples of silk velvet. Every couple of years I would come across them and wonder what I should do with them, but mostly I was just happy to pet them. They were silky and shiny and demanded something special be made out of them. About 3 years ago I dug them out and pieced the center part of this pillow. NOT easy sewing. Then a month ago I started looking for the border fabric and finally settled on a forest green cordless corduroy. TODAY I finished it! It almost glows sitting on the corner of the couch. The colors are all in my tapestry couch. (The couch that is almost worn out and needs to be replaced, but now I'll need to get something that will go with my 30-years-to-make-pillow! )


Mel said...

mom... where are you putting all these pillows?

Angela said...

Wow, that is awesome! I really don't understand why you say that couch is almost worn out. They still look great and are soooo pretty! I'm love the pillow, great job! I can't believe you've had that fabric that long.