Tuesday, April 14, 2015

zipper bag

Yeah! I used 4 zippers last week. I got to demonstrate how to make a bag at our woman's meeting. I had to refresh my memory before the meeting AND make one during the meeting. I considered giving it to one of the attendees.... but I am just to selfish....and I couldn't give up either fabric to someone else cause I used some of my bestest fabric EVER!
The yellow daisy I bought years ago for a doll dress..after my girls were too old for it, so it's waiting....hopefully there will be enough left for a doll dress. (The doll will have to be small.)
The green is a scrap from I dress I made in High school for myself. A BEAUTIFUL dress that I have no picture of :(. (Anyway it proves that I was young once and could wear that bright green....maybe it wasn't a good color on me but the dress was cute!)

The next 2 zippers I used in a bag that I'm loving. I first saw it on this blog. So this is what I'm using now while I wait for the hardware to come in so I can take it apart and add it.
In my stash of zippers I only had 2 repeats, these 2 hot pink ones and 3 beige ones. So I looked at my wall of fabric and choose something to go with the 2 pink zippers. I made it about midnight Saturday night and used it for church Sunday. It is so nice to use a small purse after using BIG ones for years. I did not have any pink thread so I used dots of fusible for the strap. I really like the look without stitching but not sure how it will wash. Here is a link to a pattern (which I did not use, really it would be easier to follow a pattern than to make it up as you go). I think I'll make another one...or.... 5.

Oh, if you want to know how to make the bags on top...here is a tutorial done by someone else...at least one of those bags were made like that....I experimented with the zip on the other...

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