Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tulip quilt pattern

Hanging in my front entry is one of my favorite spring quilts. It was an exchange I did over 20 years ago. I finished the quilt as a baby quilt for our 5th child, born in 1995. (This is one of 5 quilts I made him- I had a broken foot and had to stay off of it.) Turns out he was a boy and this quilt did not get used much. I get it out every spring and drape it somewhere. This year it got the place of honor since it is small and the dog can't reach it. (That is not true he could reach it if he wanted to I just hope he doesn't want to.)
 Here is my EQ7 version:
I love this quilt. This is the block as we sewed it. The background is different white on white fabrics. We were told to use pastel prints on the tulip, a solid in the center and a soft green print on the leaves. It is a 6" block:
 This is how I would do it now:
Here is how I grouped them. I made them into 12 inch blocks, needed 12 12"blocks....that's 48 6" blocks.
I quilted it on my domestic machine with a stipple all over, except in the border and in the tulips. I remember getting so bored with the quilting that I started hiding letters and a few pictures in the stippling. I did the whole alphabet and #5. The pictures were very simple like a sail boat, a canoe and a flower. When the light is just right you can find them.My 9 year old loved looking for them and telling everyone else to look for them.
EQ7 is so much fun to play with. I moved the blocks around here:
 and here:
They are all pretty. Wouldn't Kaffe fabrics look great in those tulips?
I've had fun playing with EQ today...and yesterday when I wasn't sleeping. A fever really knocks you out but I'm least enough to play EQ.

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