Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snowflakes are falling.....

It's been awhile but I have been very busy. We had a progressive dinner where my house was one of the stops...Doing what I used to do in a month to decorate for Christmas got done in 10 days. I realized that I have traveled or been recovering from surgery and hadn't decorated for about 5 years.Meanwhile I got old! But this is one of the projects I did:
I found on Pinterest some Popsicle stick snowflakes and had to make some. I also taught a few people how to do it at church. (It was not a popular class...but I loved it). I came home and made more.
Using a protractor mark 60 degree angles on a paper and line the sticks up with this angle. The link above gives some basic instructions but 'divide the circle into 6 equal parts' is not one of them. The protractor does this for you.
I think it turned out great! People walk in my house and say WOW!
I did it with hot glue and a few with Elmer's glue. Admittedly the kitchen table was NOT used for meals for a week but I didn't have anyplace else to work.
I begged some paint sticks from Lowes and from Home Depot. I also purchased Popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers and a variety of different shapes like wooden nickles from Hobby Lobby. I dug out the toothpicks that we had purchased for Jeffrey's bridge building in High school. I also used a lot of clothespins and sewing clips when I used Elmers glue. That was a slow process but did not take a lot of time just glue, clamp and work on the Christmas tree....glue, clamp and work on dinner. One of my hot glue ones fell apart so I decided to wet glue them, then I went back to hot glue....I think the one that fell apart was one that glue wasn't very hot when put together.

 After gluing I spray painted them white...then wait for the paint to dry.

 (The first one I hung to paint...a mistake, it wasted a lot of paint and I only needed one side painted.)
Then I added 2 sizes of glitter; WalMart's super-size iridescent and ultra fine. I like the ones with less of the large glitter better than the ones with a ton of it. (I figure it will fall off and then they will all have less.)
Here's my wall! I left it large so if you click on it it will fill your screen. It is supposed to look kind of like the door was opened and a flurry of snow swept in....

A friend came over and took pictures of each one. Her plan is to make these with her grandkids and then hang them in the living room from their vaulted ceiling. That will be FABULOUS!

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