Monday, March 10, 2014


I keep buying shirts and cutting up shirts and stacking them up. For example I found a thrift store last week that had their shirts on sale half off...that made them $1. I bought 11! After I got home I realized that one of them would actually fit my husband so I didn't cut it up.I had the other's washed and cut up in 2 days. Then I went back to the same store :Sat and bought 6 more! It is a curse. I now have more shirts than I need.
So I had to make something with them.
I have continued to read 'Art with a Needle' blog. I considered her termite art and decided that since I know quilts I would do a termite trip around the world. I took her 'green p' quilt (pictured here) and did my version.

 All but the bright red is from my thrift shirts.

 The pieces are 1/4"
It was pretty slow going but I didn't do anything right either. I free hand cut each square so they are not consistant. I did not draw a grid (to do that I would have had to go downstairs and print some graph paper-clearly too difficult.), I ironed a vertical and a horizontal line and winged it. Clearly if it was any bigger I would need to be more precise. Draw a grid. Cut the squares with a rotary cutter. I also used a glue stick, again 'cause I wouldn't have to walk any where to get it, and just stuck each square on the top of the vertical glue stick and then stuck it on my piece of white fabric.

Having fun here, how about you?