Monday, March 31, 2014

Little progress

What did you expect? A finished quilt? With my husband out of town last week I expected great things, but shop hop was last week and I visited 11 quilt shops over 3 days and came home not willing to do much. Here is the progress I've made I finished the borders and got it in the quilt frame!
I even started quilting one of the borders; then I went shopping for a ruler, a specific shape ruler for a long arm. I found a few the wrong shape and realized that I would be spending at least $30. for the ruler and I found a shape I could adapt for the robotics for only $5. So that's what I did. I changed a diamond shape to a squarish shape, then quilted 2 of them before I could sleep last night.
The plan is to put free hand feathers around this...but I'll get all the shapes quilted first. It is only 1 P.M. and I haven't managed to do any yet.
Because we adopted a dog on Saturday. He is a sweetheart but I've had to go get a baby gate to keep him away from the quilt. It is HARD to get a picture of a puppy, they are in motion all the time. I had to have Andrew hold him.
An almost 4 month old English Springer Spaniel. It's like having a toddler, we are getting the house baby-proofed very quickly. But he still finds things, just took a pencil away from him, he found a bolt to chew and a scrap of wood and a small warranty booklet that had gotten under something. Our housekeeping has to improve. He left Dad's pile of papers alone for 2 days, today he attacked it, so it got picked up. Maybe the 'boys' will be more responsible about picking up their stuff. :)

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