Thursday, March 20, 2014

Green sampler

Lisa gave me a quilt to do light custom work on.
 A couple of weeks after returning it I borrowed it to get better pictures.

 Taking pictures and having the quilting show is a big challenge.
Not as much of a challenge when the thread contrasted with the fabric as it does here on the back. My husband and I spent hours with a new quilt stand, lights, string, tape measure and 2 different cameras. You still get better quilting photos outside when the sun is just about to set. But then there are tree shadows and other problems. Like it was overcast for a week and I couldn't get any pictures.
Here's a quilt with pictures taken both ways; On a quilt stand;
The same quilt in the late afternoon in the sun;
In the second picture it looks like it is quilted!
The conclusion we reached is that we need a better camera.....That isn't happening soon so you will just get the best pictures we can take with our equipment.

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Liz Johnston said...

I like that second quilt a lot. Good job on the quilting