Monday, January 27, 2014

zig zag some more

Here is the quilt on the design wall; A quilt for grandson #7.
That is what was sewn. I had started to lay it out and it messed with my brain.I did much better when I took each set of blocks in order next to me. laid the last sewn row showing on my lap and lay the blocks out and pinned them across my lap. Then sewed the row together, then sewed the row to the quilt and then repeat. As I took one block off the pile I turned the rest of the same over next to the pile then I could keep track, when I finished the row, I took the upside down pile and put it back on top of the unused portion. This kept them in order for me to layout the next row.

hint; pin the pins with the head out in the air like this;
 so if you have a block that is slightly larger, like this;
you can easily put that area against the feed dogs, so they can ease it in for you.
And you can still reach the pins to pull them out as you get to them.

I did find a similar quilt on-line with a tutorial, here. Really one of the easiest quilts I've sewn.

Check out the other design wall quilts at Judy's blog...

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Ramona said...

That is going to be one cool quilt. I love the colors! Beautiful.