Saturday, December 21, 2013

Epic scarf

I went to Michaels and found that their sashay yarn was on sale for $4.(It is sold allover the place)  a skein and decided to make myself a scarf. I sat in the car and in 10 minutes it was done.
 Here it is on top of my wool scarf.
Here it is alone. I like it better here. (My first selfie.) I went back to Michaels with a friend and she bought 7 skeins of red to make scarves for a choir performance at her church. I bought a purple, a turquoise.The purple is beautiful but I have already gifted it away. I wore my turquoise to our church social and taught 3 women how to make one. It is so easy. Here are the directions;
  • start with a slip knot about 5 inches from end.
  • chain with your fingers until 5 inches from the end.
  • tie off, 
  • tie together in a giant ring and
  • start wrapping around your neck.
I found it easier to loop it in my hand and then slip it over my head. Here's a photo of a model wearing the same gray scarf! Not exactly.

Go ahead you have time to make one for every woman on your Christmas list.


Kristie said...

Love it!!! I will have to make one of these.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Marilyn said...

Great selfie. ;- p

Marilyn said...

Great selfie. :-p