Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sewing Kit

My son is leaving soon so we put together this small sewing kit for him.
 He located the tin; I wanted to paint it, he wants it like this.
I made a small pin cushion, filled with wool batting and glued it onto the lid. The odd buttons, a wheel, an H, etc were picked out by friends as something to remind him that he is loved. I filled a bobbin with white thread and one with black. Practically all of his clothes are either black or white.We chose buttons that could replace those on his suits or his white shirts. I have a pair of tiny scissors somewhere around here... can't find it so I got that purple thing.
Its a thread cutter, there is a razor blade inside.
So what else should I include? I have 1 more day....Today I picked up his suit from the dry cleaners, found a piece of window screen (for a zipper pouch for him). I still have
  • bedding to wash,
  • bedding to pack, 
  • pants to hem, 
  • zipper pouches to make, and fill. I'm thinking a first aid kit, a nail kit, and an office kit. 
  • Rx to send off
  • cash to get
  • a small collection of photos to take of home and family
Now I'm planning on starting his 'last dinner' at home. Homemade pasta. He loves it but it is a big project. I'll cook it tomorrow. I should do a dessert too....oh the possibilities....What should I fix?
What have I forgotten?

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