Friday, September 6, 2013

Cooking for Mr. Latte

Here is a cookbook I read this summer... 'Cooking for Mr. Latte' by Amanda Hesser published in 2003.....(I bought it at our library's book sale) not exactly a cookbook, but it does have recipes... and stories about the recipes in it. I enjoyed it and have tried of the recipes. I am eager to try a few more. Her Chocolate Dump-it Cake sounds like a winner (I found the recipe online here. and it should be easy. Then there is the Rigatoni with White Bolognese that sounds wonderful and the corn salad I plan to make as soon as Jeffrey leaves home. (He does not like corn.)

Now I discovered I can continue to read articles written by Amanda Hesser on line at the New York Times. Here. No pictures though, I want to see the pictures! Now I want to try a few more recipes....

Then I tried Food 52 (a web site she co-produced and there are pictures there) and found some Salted Pumpkin Caramels that I'll have to try closer to Thanksgiving....

I'll never have time to try them all.

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