Thursday, June 6, 2013

star mobile

I saw a star 'chandelier' on pinterest and adapted it for Jeffrey's 'not prom' decorations. I had the dates help me sew the stars and attach them to the wreath form that was spray painted white. Ingredients for mobile;
  • 12" wire wreath form from Michaels
  • white spray paint (to match the ceiling)
  • cardstock, various colors 
  • used a couple papers that had music on them (to reflect Jeffrey's music interest)
  • found one paper with their high school name on it
  • pages from a German reader's digest (to reflect Jeffrey's German interest)
  • pages from a Literature (reflect  one date's English major.)
  • die cut machine (I used the one at the scrapbook store.)
  • sewing machine
  • crystal beads
  • fish-line
  • push pin
Cut your shapes out, we did a die cut machine and then a star punch to use the scraps up. Set up your sewing machine with neutral thread, set stitch  length to baste. Pull a long tail, enough to tie to wreath, then sew through a star, pull it behind the machine and grab another star, we put about 5 stars on each length. Varied the colors and sizes. Tie the wreath with 3-4 lengths of fish line above the wreath and hang it where you can work on it. (ours hung from a ceiling fan chain while we were working on it.) Tie your strings on the wreath all around until it looks full enough. ( We did 12 strings on one and 10 on the other.)

 We used lighter fishline for the crystals and hung them from the wreath at various heights.

I like to sit on the couch and watch it flutter and spin. I imagine it would be wonderful in a babies room; but I do not think it would be easy to transport....

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