Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dr. bag

It just came to my attention that there is a Modern miniature quilt contest/linky party going on and this project is the putting together of 2 miniature quilts; back to back with a zipper in the middle. So here's my story of the making of 2 miniature quilts.
Two of our grandchildren have several Dr. things and when I recently sent them a bag, they tried to get all of it in the bag;
Soon after I received a request for a Dr. bag; just a bit bigger. My daughter's request was simple; just put a red cross on it...
I have been making bags for years, this one is before I had lots of zippers, made about 1981.

Luckily I was cruising through pinterest and found this darling bag. Then I was scrolling around and found this work of art. Then I had to read the artist's blog and then I read about her technique for many of her quilts so then I decided to try it. Materials needed;
  •  liquifuse; purchased many years ago and experimented with, but got frustrated and set aside..(trying to applique just the edge like Terry did.) Found it in a drawer, dried out, but water rescued it.
  • microtip applicator, don't have but to try her technique I could live with a thicker line.
  • applique sheet to use with an iron; purchased about 5 years ago but only the size of my iron. Frustrating to keep changing the position of the sheet as I iron.
  • tracing light box, I've always used a window but my shapes were simple so I cut them out and traced them onto the fabric.
  • interfacing; mine was too thick but worked okay anyway.
  • felt, waited a few days and decided to purchase some of this since I did not want the bag to shrink if I used my scraps of cotton batting, or my wool felt or wool batting, or introduce an additional layer of fabric.
 I cut up a pr. of thrift store linen pants for the background and found a red zipper I'd pulled out of a pr of red thrift store wool pants. I layered the white on top of white so the black wouldn't show through. So under the red cross is 6 layers.
 Here it is after working on it Saturday night. I wanted to quilt it on felt also so I had to wait until Tuesday to get some acrylic felt.. Silly me, all I had was wool felt and I wanted Liz to be able to wash it.
 The front...okay really the back but I put the zipper in the wrong direction, ripped it out once but when I did it again I left it. The simple cross that was requested.
Here is the back of the finished bag.
The things I would change;
  • choose the buttons first and size the vehicle to match the buttons
  • remember that the bag is going to be 'boxed' and set the items further up
  • put the headlight with the fabric instead of embroidery
  • repeat the straight lines on the strap instead on introducing a new curved stitch
I love it. Hope it gets years of use.
Do I have to make 2 more of these for our other families?
I'm excited to have another venue for quilt making...frankly I don't need another pillow or another quilt for that matter, but bags are useful and I don't have too many; yet!


Terry Grant said...

That is adorable! I'm glad the liquifuse worked for you.

Liz Johnston said...

Super cute! The boys will love it!

Jennifer Mathis said...

What a clever idea! Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge!