Sunday, May 19, 2013


Jeffrey has been wanting to make pretzels for 2 weeks... We made them today.
 Can you tell which ones were made first? We definitely got better. Unfortunately we only got to eat the ugly ones, the rest go to his friends.
We made a triple batch of Alton Brown's recipe that we found here 
The only change we did was to put a drop of water on the dough to get the 'ends' to stick to the 'round' part. We got a system going; working with 6 at a time (the number that fit on the cookie sheet) we would roll one bit until it quit stretching, leave it and roll the next, and then another, then go back to the first and roll it some more. Each log went through about 4 rollings to get to the 24 inches.

These look so much better than the one's I made with my young family about 20 years ago. But they don't taste any better! Unless you count the marinara sauce we dipped portions of the last pretzel in; that was fabulous!

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Liz Johnston said...

So where they good? I made some a few weeks ago that were great! I used a recipe that I found on Pinterest. I only made six so I need to make some again soon. Yum.