Monday, April 29, 2013

Chenille blanket update

I kept looking at the blanket... and decided that I did not like the binding.
So I went to the store and auditioned another color; green but bought another package of blue.
Ripped off the poorly applied blanket binding....did I mention that I put it on after taking a sleeping pill?
and replaced it.
  • I actually used the 3-step zigzag stitch that I thought I'd used the first time.
  • I did not baste one side down and then fold the binding over the edge of the blanket.(Which I did the first time.)
  • I jostled the blanket into the fold as deep as it would go and put a few pins in, then stitched.
    This actually worked much better and the stitching is close to the edge on both sides. (you can see how far my stitching got from the edge in the ripped off binding above.)
  • I machine stitched each side from the miter to the end of the side, then took it out from under the machine and hand-folded, pinned, then started the next side at the miter.
  • I did not stitch down the mitered corners by machine, did them by hand.
  • I did not try to end the binding inside a miter, ended it on a side, at a diagonal and then hand-stitched it.
finished blanket:

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