Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost and Found

I realized I had no idea where the blocks were that I'd done for Pinwheels and Posies block of the month. (You can see what I am working on way at the bottom of this link; ) So I started digging through the sewing room. I did not find my 3 missing blocks until I went to the car, they were in a bag that I took to the last meeting. Now I have 5 blocks finished.

 I found in the sewing room a book I forgot I'd purchased in 2009. It was facing backwards mixed into scrapbooking stuff. 'Quilts for all Seasons' It has beautiful colorful quilts. It is now where it belongs, on my rainbow of quilt books shelf.

I should rearrange these so they are in rainbow order...but looking at this it is clear that printers should use more green and yellow for the binding on quilt books.

A 'moving guy' came yesterday.. Evidently he can walk through the house and figure out how many boxes of stuff we will have. He will give us an inventory and then we go from there. I'm ready to just start getting rid of stuff; big things like couches....shelves. But then there are the things I want to clean up and paint or stain or refinish before they go into storage...not happening.

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