Monday, January 28, 2013

houses and more houses

Last year was leap year and someone or many someones had the idea of piecing a tiny house a day  .... I did not do it but I started wondering today what happened and went looking around blogland. IF you like tiny things like I do check out the blog post.
I wouldn't want to steal one of her pictures but there are several quilts there that are beautiful. Good work ladies!

Here are the houses I got in my exchange last year;
I had this wild idea of using them in the center of a bigger block...but am rethinking that. I really love the corner stone and sashing like so many of the quilts in the above blog. (that one you can see the edge to is pictured on this post.)

I have been making bread, about 2 small loaves each time and I made it almost every day last week, I missed Saturday and Sunday. I started the beginning of December and hadn't bought a loaf since until Saturday. Yesterday I said I didn't think I would make it anymore since it made such a mess. Every slice leaves crumbs on the counter, and I'm not exactly the neatest cook!. The counter had flour on it all week, well it was cleaned up a couple of times but every time I made bread there was more flour on the counter (The mixer would send it up since I was too impatient to put the flour in slowly). After I went to bed Roger and Jeffrey cleaned up my bread making area and left a note saying they loved homemade bread, so started another 2 loaves this afternoon.

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Liz Johnston said...

That is so sweet. What a perfect note. :)