Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm back!

We spent the Christmas vacation traveling. We hitched up our trailer and drug 5 canoes to Utah to visit with Granddad for the time we are in Saudi Arabia.
I did a teeny tiny bit of decorating in December.This is a feather tree I purchased a few years ago and it has become our tradition to decorate it when we cannot do a big tree. This took about 5 minutes to do. The tree skirt is a velveteen jumper I bought at the thrift store that has rhinestones on it. The red and white decorations are pipe cleaners and the little men are little felt 'clowns' that my sister made me last year.
After spending 1 day (I spent the day in bed sick) in Utah we went to California to visit our oldest daughter and her family.
I HAD begun to think traveling at Christmas was awful....then we stopped and someone else worried about and fixed the meals! It was pretty wonderful to get to see 2 grandson's in their own home besides seeing my favorite oldest child. ;)
Christmas morning I woke up to our daughter serenading me with her cello playing. Life doesn't get any better than that...then we opened gifts and were handed yummy cinnamon bread sticks to snack on. Christmas day we went to a park...and took a short hike. (What was the name of that park?)

That's enough for today... there's bread to make for tomorrow's lunches.

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