Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Texas handkerchiefs/ quilt kit 3

Several years ago I found a print of Texas handkerchiefs; I bought it and after a few false starts I pieced together this top;
So last week I finished gathering the bits and pieces I will need to finish it in SA.
The 2 borders are sewn on; then there will be a skinny red piping before the bias stripe. The columbines will be the backing. Since this is a Texas Quilt for a Colorado girl I thought the columbines were perfect. This is ready to go in my suitcase!
Here's a trick I learned about  me and EQ-7 If I go to the store with a picture of how I want the quilt and the computer generated shopping list I get confused. Notice that the blues are similar and the whites are identical. I know I already have the handkerchiefs but need to know how much white to buy. Same with the 2 blues. So I print one like this; with no shopping list

 Then one like this; with a shopping list.

Then the pink and white yardages are separated. I can tell a difference between the blue and green yardage's on the chart. I also have put the width of the outer border-the binding at 3 inches, not the width it will be visually so I'll get the right amount of fabric. The red piping/border is set at 1" instead of the 1/4" it will really be so the yardage will be right.
Why EQ7 does not have a place to tell you; binding for this quilt will be ____and you will need x number of yards to back it. I have no idea.
Now I'm looking at a leaf quilt....