Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning Lots....

I initially named this post 'failure' but I renamed it since I am learning a new cast-on and a new stitch with  this pattern. I started to knit a blue and white hat for Jeffrey. I struggled with it for an hour Friday then ripped it out. I watched u-tube for an hour Sunday morning and tried the cast on again...After 2 hours of knitting it was obvious something was very wrong; the pattern was visible in about a 2 inch width of the hat. I ripped it out... I'll start again next week.
Now I'm working on this hat for a different son.
He wants a plain, boring, man hat and that's what he is getting. (Although it looks so simple I had to cast this on 3 times!)

I must be a slow knitter since the white rag took me 4 hours to knit. I'm using up small bits of cotton yarn with these, each rag eliminated 2 small balls of yarn from my stash, I'm now down to pink and white. I really doesn't matter since I give one to my Dad most years for Christmas (he does all the dishes since he retired) and he soaks them in bleach water after using them. It is lovely; his rags eventually all turn out white, none of those gray, dingy rags for them.
Most of the knitters over at Judy's are knitting socks, after all it IS Socktober.

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Dar said...

I LOVE that you are knitting other things that are not socks!! I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know how to knit socks. You probably know how but are taking a break from them, right? One day I WILL make myself learn because that will be the only way I get a pair of hand knitted socks. They DO look wonderful. I like to knit and my simple things usually get finished.