Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall quilts

It's getting close to Fall and I like to work on an autumn colored quilt during the season. I hope to get to a place where I can work on one of these.
I talked to my Mother last night and thought I would clarify some things we talked about here.
I dug through my pile of quilts and found this one; one of my favorite quilts, we talked about it since she is working on her version of a pumpkin quilt and was wondering how many blocks I used on mine. She is using brown for the background and appliqueing the pumpkins. I'd love to see how it is progressing.
I also tried to describe this start of a quilt to her.. I'm considering doing a sampler similar to this; but use all orange and black fabrics. I have 3 sets of 4 6" blocks done and a sketch of other 6" blocks I could use. (One of my insomniac nights was spent drawing them out. If I continue to stay up most of the night -3 nights now- I'll get lots done!) I am loving orange now, it may be my new favorite color....
She reminded me of this Autumn quilt that I started years ago and encouraged me to dig it out...Maybe when I finish the charity quilts I'm quilting this month and Liz's wedding quilt and her dresden plate and quilt a quilt for me.
She also described the applique stitch she was using and wondered what it was called. I thought it was the ladder stitch, she thought it might be called the invisible stitch. Turns out we were both right. Here is a tutorial on the invisible ladder stitch.

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