Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last week my daughter was visiting and she commandeered some of my red fabric and made this Dresden plate. It went together very quickly but then she had to pack...and leave :( before she got finished.
Since she wants a border of red squares around the outside of her dining room 'doily'.(It's for the middle of her table.) I had to get out the Irish chain exchange I organized many moons ago. Trying to pin a date to it is hard....We moved into this house 15 years ago and I have an envelope in the box addressed to me here but the postmark is impossible to read. I'm not even sure if it was before or after Brian's death. I suspect before since I was depressed afterwards, but I had no time before...but that usually doesn't stop me if I have a bee in my bonnet.
So I got the box out and now I'm trying to decide what on earth I was thinking. There are 32 of the pieced blocks completely finished. There are 60! of the background blocks finished. The notes I have say; need 32 and need 31. So I go to my hand-dandy- EQ7 and figure out how many blocks I need for a quilt.

28 Pieced blocks for a quilt 99X110. To used 32 I would have to have a quilt with 8 rows which does not work with an Irish chain, you need an odd number of rows so it is symmetrical...oh, well this great mystery will remain unsolved. Lesson learned, I hope, date your notes with a year and a little information about what you are thinking of concerning the quilt.

Judy has her design wall up and I've linked up with her post here.

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cherie said...

I love,love red!! I think the dresden plate and the Irish chain are beautiful. I also have projects that I haven't left very good notes on and now I am puzzled as to what to do. Good luck.