Monday, July 2, 2012


       June? what happened to June? I should have anticipated this....I DO NOT spend much time alone while the kids are home for the summer. Now that they are teenagers it is almost worse. I want to be around them, they will be leaving home soon enough. I don't need to ignore them while they are here. So Saturday I was home alone and went to do my June block...It is designed in my head but unfortunately my iron refused to heat up and I got to go shopping for a new one and since I was alone I had to go to the bagel shop and get a sandwich.... I got the iron plugged in and pressed my background fabric and everyone got home.
      Next week I will be home alone again, for the whole week. So I should plan ahead and do my June block, my July block AND August...wait...August is already done. I have many things planned for that week.
  •  Lunch with least 3 different friends, looking forward to that. 
  • Working on 3 customer quilts.
  •  Finishing my zigzag quilt
  • Getting the carpet cleaned
  • attending the temple
    Jeffrey is home now and he is dedicated to music. Each day he has practiced the piano, the trumpet and practiced singing. He would like some piano lessons but will only have time for them this month. Meanwhile he is working on Fireflies and Fur Elise, hymns and composing. (He loves to raise the lid on the grand and play loudly!   Usually I have to leave the room it is too loud for me.)
What I am working on;
 What I'd like to be working on....
I put the borders on this quilt IN VIRGINIA! 16 years ago, my how time flies.

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ANudge said...

I'm intrigued by the first one and in love with the second one! Go to the 2 links I included in the post about this ruler and you'll see you can do the football thingy - especially seen on Sue's blocks. I just messed up my nine-patch and had to use a fussy cut.