Friday, June 29, 2012

my new apple

No, not a new computer, a pin cushion;filled with scraps of wool batting;
found this pattern here. I just finished knitting a second one with darker, bigger yarn but have no green in a comparable size yarn for the leaf; considering doubling the above light green but really shouldn't I go buy some homespun for a leaf?  NO! I'll wait until I have some leftover...anyone want a bright green hat?
My yarns are not near as nice as hers. I just used what I had. It took a bit over one evening. I used my new addi-turbo click needles that my son brought back from Germany for me. Very nice. The cable is so flexible and the needles are slick. Great needles.
Judy is doing a 'What's on your needles?' post and this is close...truly just finished yesterday.


Mary said...

That is such a cute pin cushion, thanks for the link for the pattern - another for my ever growing 'want to do list.'

Judy D in AZ said...

I like it! The apple would be nice as a fall decoration too.