Monday, July 30, 2012

candy in a bottle, a smart bottle

Inspired by this post on the givers log I decided to send my son-in-law a package. He took a huge test that he studied all year for and this week he found out he passed. Yahoo! So I gathered some candy that I thought would mail...all sugar, no chocolate and that had something to do with being smart...
I included a cheezy note about being a big cheeze and a sweetart and it is; although I have no idea why it is formatted this way. It was fun and easy although it was over the 13 ounces so postage was more...I'll just have to try again. :) 

Just a note to say ‘Congratulations’!
 Your test tried to make a
sour patch out of you but you prevailed and are now a Jolly Rancher. You can count yourself as a big Cheeze now.   Through the ordeal you stayed a Sweetart and are now a smartie! I’m sure your success is due to all the smart water you consumed while studying.

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