Saturday, June 9, 2012

Texas Pillow

I always wanted to travel so having a son go to Germany for 3 weeks has been exciting to me. He's there! So now I can post the things I made for his host family. First a gift for Sara, who came here and stayed with us for 2 weeks.
The pillow is made from miniature copies of old Texas souvenir handkerchiefs. I used bluebonnet fabric front and back.

Getting the pillow in his luggage made it a tight squeeze, hopefully it will plump back up after traveling.
Then I made each of them a zipper pouch. Sara's has Texas 'beads' that I was given at a shop hop a year ago hanging from her zipper pull.
I don't know much about her mother 'cept she wears a lot of black to I used one of my favorite black's (a polka dot) and quilted feathers with red thread. Turned out very nice.I hope they enjoy them.

When I start a zipper pouch I choose the zipper first since I have a limited supply of different colors. I had chosen the red for Sara's then went to the thrift store and was able to buy another red zipper, for .29! So I used 4 zippers for theses projects but I purchased 4 too so my zipper count did not go down.  .29 cents for a zipper is a bargain, Joanne's has them for $2.29.That's a saving of almost 90%.

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