Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hawaiian.... tips

Tip #1
What happens when you are stitching along and you see this;
 I cross the seams and go off the edge...then pull the quilt forward and continue stitching. After sewing the rest of the row I turn the quilt over and go back to the square I skipped;
 Then I trim the long threads and put it under the needle so that the feed dogs can ease the extra fabric in for me. As you are stitching hold the fabric a bit snug so the feed dogs have a chance to work for you.
 Here it is eased in, no tucks and that will press out.
Tip #2
Starch your piecing as you stitch. Especially if some of your fabrics are polyester; it helps the seams stay were you want them to. If you spray and then iron you are likely to get some dry starch on the surface of your quilt (not a disaster, but you want the starch to help you not just flake off)
 So spray what you are going to starch and wait.....
 .about 30 seconds should give a chance for it to soak into the fabric, then iron;
No flakes.
Tip #3
Sorry no pictures...but do not pull on the edge of the fabric to get the seams to align. The stitches will pop out. * Put your fingers inside an inch and tug there and then slide your fingers to the edge and hold the seam intersection until you are right up to the needle, stitch through the seams, stop* repeat from asterisk to asterisk until end of row.
I have 15 rows sewn...the big reveal will be soon.

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