Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hawaiian............. almost finished

Ta-Da! My modified Trip around the World or 6th Hawaiian one-patch top is finished.
Now I get to advice the Mother of the graduate on the back.
The first one we designed we put different fabrics on the back to reflect her son's interests. It took her quite a while to gather 1/4 yard pieces to put in the center of the back.
This is just a pink almost solid fabric.
This fabric was purchased in Hawaii when she took one of her children to college there. Then we used it on the back of her husband's Christmas present that year. (he is half Hawaiian and the reason she is having me make all these 'Hawaiian' quilts.)
This is a lovely lime green Hawaiian print we found at High Fashion Fabrics in Houston. We just might be going there again Friday to see what they have.(I am missing a picture of the 2nd quilt; a wedding gift, hopefully I'll be able to get hold of a decent picture of that soon.)

We need to purchase 6 yards for the back and 1 yard for the binding for the binding, unless we use scraps...we'll see what we can find.

Next week I'll quilt it and post it ONE more time.  Did I mention that she has 2 more children? I see 2 more of these in my future.


Liz said...

I can't believe she is already that old.. I guess time flies huh? It looks great. Love you.

Mel said...

Quilt looks fabulous mom!

Rachel S said...

Lovely quilt!!! You are a true artist!!!

Melzie said...

Beautiful bright quilt!
xoxo melzie