Monday, May 14, 2012

Hawaiian continued

Now that you have all the strips sewn together and sewn into a tube.It is time to cut them into short tubes. Straighten one end and then cut your big tube into 4.5" smaller tubes. As carefully as you can. I usually end up re-straightening my trips about every third cut. I think this is the hardest step; just take it slowly. I like to cut a strip 9" wide then cut it in half to 4.5" It seems to stay straighter that way.

After cutting them; deal them out....meaning; since you have 3 piles of 8 square strips. If they are labeled pile 1 pile 2 and pile 3 make them into one pile 123123123....etc.  Do the same for the 3 piles of 10 square strips.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about plan A and plan B.

I expected to get 9 cuts out of each strata. I had 2 fabrics that were much narrower than the rest so I only got 8 cuts out of 3 of the strata. I may have to use bits and pieces to get enough squares; I may make the quilt shorter. I don't know at this point.

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