Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hawaiian continued

Graduation is getting closer...I need to work faster.... You may need to run over to Wal-mart Hawaii to pick up the fabric for your back. (That's where the below was purchased.) While you are shopping pick up as new seam ripper, you will need it soon.
 Now that all of your strips are sewn together and pressed. You need to sew them into tubes, as if they were giant endless pillowcases. Do not try to match ends and then sew:
If you do your tubes will have wrinkles, kind of like this:
 Hold them up. Align the strips until they are flat and smooth. Similar to when you cut the edge of your fabric the first time; you get the selvages even and no diagonal folds along the fold of the fabric even if the ends are not lined up, then you cut.  Only now you are going to sew the far right edge to the far left edge to get the tube.Like this:
On this sample I will stitch along the orange to get my tubes. The ends will not match up. I have 3 of these 8 fabric tubes and 3 of 10 fabric tubes.

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