Friday, April 27, 2012

bits and pieces

Just in case you were wondering what I did this week;I belong to 2 quilt guilds; one of them has 2 exchanges I decided to do. Each is very easy and isn't due until June. The blocks are made out of 'Kaffe' fabrics and I will end up with 42 blocks. The quilt will look kind of like this;

I got to go buy fabric for this exchange and I have finished one set of blocks;

it is a very fast and easy block to do.
I also sewed one of each of my other sets;
(I would not have even gotten them cut out but I couldn't sleep last night so I cut them out between 12 and 1 a.m.)I made 5 of the 4 blue log cabins I need to make a bigger version of this quilt;
(No, that is not a typo, I only need 4 but I wanted to be able to eliminate one...actually I found one 3/4 finished after I had the 4 I needed 3/4's done so THEN I decided that having an extra to eliminate was a good idea.)
And 1/2 of blue half square triangles that is also an exchange for Lakeview Quilt Guild; Each participant is making 112 hst each month until December. This month they had to be blue. Next month red.
Then I finished 5 of the blocks and started 3 blue blocks (I need 16, I think);
to make my own version of the charity quilt my charity group just finished. You can see it here. This version is actually using the sizes mentioned in Kaffe's book, Simple Shapes'. (Since I got the book for Christmas; Thank-you Melissa and Eric and don't have to rely on memory and picture of a quilt seen at quilt festival in 2009?)
Now I have a mess in the sewing room to clean up and I really need a nap. I got to sleep at 2:30 and got up at 6...

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