Tuesday, February 21, 2012

16 patch re-visited

I keep seeing quilts in blog-land and think, 'that's cute, that's gorgeous, that looks like something I should do next....' Finally I saw a few that looked vaguely familiar; here, here, and here. So I checked my photos and found the quilt that my daughter made at 13? I remember thinking how clever we were with the pattern;If you cut 2 strips of fabric, 2.5 inches wide, the width of the fabric and sew them together into this pattern you have just enough fabric for 2 blocks.
That was about 20 years ago. In this her second quilt she learned how to tie a quilt,machine quilt and to hand quilt. The center of the quilt was tied, the navy border machine quilted and the red outside corner squares had hand quilted stars. A couple years ago she brought to me to machine quilt on my long arm.
This quilt is still in use as one of her quilts for guests to use.
I enjoyed working with my children on the sewing machine. My oldest made 3 quilts before leaving home. My second child, a boy, made one. I kind of lost my wind and did not do one with the third, a boy. Then the 4th was very interested and she made a small fishy quilt when she was 8?

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