Friday, January 27, 2012


This week's goal was to figure out the color for the boy's bathroom. Since we moved back in in November no one has been able to take a shower. The bare plaster on the walls would absorb water. The boy's bathroom had a new ceiling that needed texture and paint. That is done but now there is still bare plaster on the top 6 inches of the walls and a few patches.... I thought we would just use the same paint as before but there wasn't enough of the bright turquoise that I had ragged a milky white on top of. The boys were tired of the pretty blue with flowers shower curtain that Liz had picked out 8? years ago.
So I went shopping for a new shower curtain. It is easier to choose the shower curtain first and then the paint. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a great selection, with about 6 that I liked. WalMart, not so many, and none I liked. Kohl's, nothing that interested me. Amazon had this that I thought the boys would like, no, that was vetoed. Finally I went to Anna's near the mall and found one that had seashells and a line of gray/blue that I thought would work. It was approved by the men and I got the gray/blue paint today...Maybe tomorrow you will see the finished room.

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