Monday, November 21, 2011

tour of studios

Saturday Angela (my daughter-in-law, Reed's wife) took the day off and visited the quilt studios of 6 quilters in Lakeview Quilt Guild. It was a fundraiser and fun to do. The homes were far from each other so we had a lot of driving to do.
All of the studios were amazing. The first home had antiques everywhere. Lovely home with pretty simple quilts; but lots of them (of course all of the homes had lots of quilts) Sue Garman mentioned 150 on her quilt table...instead of folding her quilts she had 3 banquet table up next to each other with her quilts laying flat on top. She also makes a living designing quilt patterns and does guild programs and needs lots of quilts for her business.
On the non-quilting side she had a garland of gingerbread cookie cutters that I thought was charming. (I took a picture but currently have no way to get the picture off my phone.) The cookie cutters were tied together with a short bow at each hand. Each cutter was a different size....I have lots of Christmas cookie cutters.....somewhere... I wouldn't have to just use gingerbread boys.
We identified a gift to purchase for Grandma and Granddad..
Angela decided on a new handwork project that she will work on for the next couple years; a yoyo quilt. Perfect for her to work on here since I have plenty of scraps for her to use, I doubt she can make a dent. She ordered these to get herself started. It will be a long project but she loves to have a 'small' project to work on. She just finished a king size English paper pieced Grandma's flower garden quilt. Who knows how big the yoyo project will become.
Last week we finished cleaning the boy's rooms; moved all the boxes to Jeffrey's room but you can still get to the bed in there. Then we started on the master; Angela encouraged me to get rid of 3 bags of clothes and 170 video cassettes, and our old world book encyclopedias. Who knows what will go out of the house once we start on the boxes....

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Mel said...

Sounds like fun! I wish I could be there to help dig through all the stuff, it is kinda fun. Especially when most of it is so familiar to me!