Sunday, November 27, 2011

life continues

Wednesday our 'stuff' was delivered. Most of it anyways, we forgot to contact the piano storage and the electronic storage people. Which is a good thing; it was a madhouse anyway with Roger, Reed working on the house, the electrician trying to finish up in the kitchen AND the contractor, then throw in the mix 2 grandsons, 7 and 5, 5 women hired to unpack boxes and 3 men to unload the truck and it was wild. We ended up unpacking onto the family room floor since we could not get into the kitchen. If it didn't look like it was fragile we left it a box. The closets got full, to the ceiling full, but then they left and we continued working until late. (Angela and the younger boys left at 6 to go to the apartment and watch a movie and eat.)
We (that's the royal we since I mostly sat and directed workers) continued to work as much as possible until the open house started at 7 Saturday night. At 6 I ran to Home Depot to get door stops and paper towels, since we couldn't find the 6 already in the house. The house looked great, pictures will get posted soon....
We move into the house today.