Friday, October 14, 2011

another zigzag railfence

I wrote about my Mother's and my Rail Fence quilts over a year ago here. I loved how my Mother took a quilt I had made and improved it. I gave the dimensions of those quilts there so today I just played with the color in EQ7. I've wondered what it would look like with a red zigzag;
I also increased the size of the red rail to 1" finished width, to help the zig zag show up.

Here is a pastel version;And finally the black with the rails at 1/2"
Here is a drawing of the block. You can see that each section is the same but then I made them all up into 10" blocks. It made laying them out much easier. (This 10" block is made up of 4 -4 patches of the initial 'rail')
These mock-ups are a lot larger than the inspiration's just fun to make these computer 'quilts'.

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Karen said...

The pastel version looks most interesting to me. What is your favorite version?