Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rail Fence

Years ago I made a rail fence. It was an exchange that I participated in, in Baytown, in 1994, designed by Pat Bishop. The colored piece is cut 2 1/2 " wide and the black was cut at 1." I just put it together without fussing with it and love the way it turned out. One participant shaded her quilt gathering all the blues together, then all the make a big quilt; it was beautiful too. Sure wish I'd made mine bigger though; I didn't understand how wonderful it would be so only did a small amount of squares. I took it to the hospital each time Brian was there to cover him with, so I think of it as his quilt.

The back has 2 fabrics given to me by a friend, Robbie. One corner has folk dancers but most of the back is of 1950 swing dancers.

My mother saw it and loved it but she doesn't work with black so she enlarged the blocks (the white is cut 1.5" by 4" and the color is 3.5" X 4") and made the quilt MUCH bigger and it looks like this:
She fussy cut some of the squares; I found 16 butterflies, all flying down on this section of the quilt. I think it should be turned over; I'm sure Mom had them all flying up.
So which version do you prefer?

Quilts are like my kids; I can't choose one as a favorite over the other.

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Liz said...

This one is one of my favorites!! I have always loved it. Glad it is small or else it would always be on a bed instead of being loved on the couch.