Friday, September 30, 2011

zig zag

I promised a quilt today...unfortunately I have no 'holders' so you would only see part of it....and I cannot find a camera and the quilt is in the Pathfinder right behind the back seat...can't reach it from the side doors or the back window; crawling in would be too painful. So I decided to post the picture from the magazine. This magazine: January 1997; and this quilt:
I rarely buy quilt magazines anymore but I had this one; I could have picked it up at a guild give away or I may have purchased it. I had been thinking about a wool zigzag quilt when I saw this last year during my 'get rid of some of this Christmas fabric' phase. I cut the fabric then occasionally sewed some strips together over the last 6 weeks. I finished the top Tuesday.
The above quilt is all flannels. It had to have been a nightmare to sew together. ALL the vertical seams are on the bias ('cept for the ones between the 2 borders.)
The directions were great and it went together pretty quickly; but I don't think I'll be making one out of wool any time soon.

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