Monday, February 14, 2011

design wall

I'm quilting this:My inspiration for those square in a square quilt blocks is here. I've been looking at these Welsh quilts for about 6 months. I love that leaf shape but haven't used it yet. In fact I spent my going to sleep time reviewing the leaf in my mind and trying to fit it on the quilt in the frame. This morning I realized the spiral will work better.
In my efforts to turn this:
into quilts I pieced the border of the Christmas string/library quilt. Seen here laying on my bed ready for the borders to be sewn on.
I tried to use mediums for the border. Then I'll sew a Christmas book plus scraps for the back. Decided to make a label as part of the back with space to have grandkids sign each time they sleep under it.

Looks like I'll still have fabric left.

Judy has a bunch of fellow design wallers over here.


Tamera said...

Sometimes it seems that you make a scrap quilt, the scraps somehow multiply!

pcflamingo said...

What a great idea to have the grandkids sign the quilt each time they sleep under it. Won't that be fun to look at 50 years from now!

Rocknquilts said...

I just LOVE your Texas Star and pillows...all the thread is just gorgeous!