Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The plan is to hang a tv above the mantle. A bit lame but if we do that we do not have to buy a new piece of furniture to set a large tv on. So we asked the contractor to beef up the wall so there would be studs where needed to put the TV. I did the research and found out we needed them to be 20 inches apart. He set the 2x4's back 3/4 of an inch, put a sheet of plywood up, then the sheet rock.

There was also more framing below the support bean that the tape measure is on; also with the plywood to support the mantle and the tile surround. I THINK it will hold up a tank!It's lovely to see the walls go up.
Now I need to choose the paint colors. I had almost every room a different color but I think this time they will all be the same.
I bought a couple of sample colors. the 'antique beige' is the color of the bathroom cabinet we are getting in the master bathroom. So I think I'm going with the beige for the trim. So do I go lighter or darker for the walls?

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Angela said...

I love white trim but i'm sure it will look great no matter what. I do like kakki colored walls.