Friday, September 9, 2011

Melissa's birthday

Today is the day that we celebrate Melissa coming into our lives. It seem as if I have always been a mother now. She was and is a joy to us; she just lives too far away. Airplanes are such a blessing in our lives I love to go visit her and have her visit us. (Although I am glad she is not visiting right now; wouldn't a 1 and 3 year old have a blast climbing the boxes in my house?) This was taken this summer in Los Angeles. Not the greatest of the rest of us but I love Melissa's smile here. Shes holding her baby; Lewis, and Jeffrey is next to her holding Liz's baby Landon.

Okay I have to show a good picture of the babies;What a joy Motherhood is. Oh this was supposed to be about Melissa not me. Maybe ' What a joy being alive is whether you are a child or a Mother!'

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Mel said...

Thanks mom. Happy birthday to me to me happy birthday to me! :) Love you.