Sunday, September 4, 2011


We bought this house in 1997. It had an ugly dark brown bar.
A couple of years later I painted it a nice cream color (our trim color and it looked great but was still a bar.) I had a sink; I turned the water off to it, I had an ice maker, but I turned it off. A Mormon with a bar! It actually was used as a closet most of the time; stacks of boxes stuck in there for years, except near Christmas when I would empty it so it would look nicer.I loved it at Christmas but it was hardly used as a bar. We did use it to serve punch at our daughters open-house though.
After the flood but before pack-out...not a pretty site; it had been a catchall.

Here they had started to take stuff out.
I'm glad I wasn't welding the crow-bar here.
Here it is on the curb:
Here is the bar today.
The contractor is building a box for shelves in the large opening, moving the doorway over and making it a real closet. Stay tune for the reveal....months from now.
Now what should I store in there?

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